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About Paul Robinson

About Paul Robinson

A celebrated thought leader

Paul Robinson is an author to several best-selling books and audio books in management and self-help. Some of his titles include HIGH PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP, THE PSYCHOLOGY OF A WINNER, THE INNER GAM EOF SUCCESS, RESILIENCE, MAKE YOUR BRAND ROAR.

An expert in human potential development

Paul Robinson’s research and findings delivers an amalgamation of ancient wisdom with the present day research in human potential development and management. He has created  over 40 educational and inspiring documentaries and learning courses on personal development and peak performance.

Acclaimed business strategist

Paul Robinson consults different businesses and professionals by helping them optimise their resources, overcome challenges and embrace new opportunities.

Experienced keynote speaker

Paul Robinson is one of the most sought after keynote speaker for leadership summits, annual meets, kick of sessions, sales meet, dealer’s meet & industry conferences. He has a decade and half of experience in speaking professionally to over 350 global clients in 12 countries.

An Avid learner and polymath

As much as he loves sharing knowledge, Paul is also an avid learner in management and human potential development. He reads 30 plus books a year and is committed to the practice of mastering one subject each year since 2007.

Serial entrepreneur and pioneer

Paul began his entrepreneurial journey at a young age building multiple businesses ranging from sales and marketing, publishing, advertising, film production, consulting, retail, ecommerce. He pioneered in the publishing of first Sales and Marketing magazine in India, second online DVD rental company in India, first motivational audio book publishing company in India. 

Depression survivor

Paul has grown through the adversity of clinical depression during 2006. His methods of handling depression and overcoming it made it into a documentary film called ‘Surviving the Big D’

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