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How to be a servant leader?
How to be a servant leader?

How to be a servant leader?

Lately, there’s been a hot new trend in leadership – servant leadership! It’s like the avocado toast of the business world. Everyone’s talking about it! There are more books and articles on this topic than there are TikTok dance challenges.

Basically, this leadership style is all about putting others first. Shocker, right?! It’s like the opposite of being a power-hungry dictator. Instead, it’s all about serving your team members and helping them reach their full potential. That way, everyone wins!

Let’s be real, what’s the point of being a leader if you’re not actually helping anyone? It’s like being a lifeguard but just floating on your back all day instead of rescuing drowning swimmers. Not cool, bro.

So, in conclusion, if you want to be a good leader, put on your servant hat and get to work! Your team will appreciate you for it. And who knows, maybe they’ll even buy you a cupcake or a round of beer something (no guarantees, though).

As a citizen, how do like to hear it: A new political party is in power, or a new political party is in service for their citizens. Service, a long forgotten word of leadership existentialism is just got a remix ie, servant leadership. Whatever is meant to be is just forgotten. That’s the irony of life and the victory of PR these days. 

 “Servant” is a dignified word.

Now, I know when most of you hear the word ‘servant,’ you turn up your noses and give a big ol’ eye roll. But hold on a hot minute, because you got it all wrong! See, the word ‘servant’ can actually be traced back to the thirteenth century, when it meant to serve or be useful. Yeah, I know, groundbreaking stuff here. So, before you go dissin’ the servants, remember that a true servant leader is all about serving, not just bossing people around. And let’s face it, we could all use a little extra helping hand in our lives. So think twice before you judge a person based on their job title, y’all.

Okay, picture this: you’re a leader, the big cheese, the boss man. But deep down, you know that it’s really the people around you that make things happen. That’s where servant leadership comes in – it’s all about putting others first, baby! You gotta be like a guardian angel for your peeps, always looking out for their interests and lifting them up. 

And let me tell ya, if you wanna be a true servant leader, you gotta check your ego at the door. No more hogging the spotlight or taking all the credit. It’s time to shine a light on your squad, give ’em the props they deserve, and watch ’em soar. 

At the heart of it all is a whole lot of humility, empathy, and a genuine desire to serve others. You’re not in this gig for your own personal gain, oh no. You’re here to make a difference, to lift people up, to be the wind beneath their wings (cue the cheesy ’90s music).

So if you’re ready to be a servant leader, get ready to put others first and take a big ol’ bite of humble pie. Because when you’re leading with your heart, anything is possible, baby!

Humble leadership. (if you want to be the first, be the last- old wine new bottle) 

Alright, let’s talk about Humble Leadership. If you wanna be a great leader, you gotta ditch the big ego and adopt a service mindset. Trust me, nobody likes a show-off! 

Engage in some good ol’ fashioned humility, but make sure it comes from the heart – nobody likes two-faced leaders, either! You get a closer look at some of them, they are like the Chinese fake LVs.

You see, humility is a virtue that everyone loves like a vanilla or chocolate. Now, even if you’re one of those fancy-pants leaders with a title and whatnot, you can still cut down on the harms of being a bureaucratic or positional leader by practicing servant leadership. Yup, that means putting other people first! And the first step towards being a servant leader? Drumroll please… Just be humble, y’all! It’ll take you far! A humble leader lift others up. They don’t throng for the pedestal.

Let’s talk about lifting others up, shall we? Now, take a lesson from the inverted pyramid model – stay at the bottom and lift everyone else up! You may think being at the bottom is a bummer, but guess what? It’s the perfect spot to lift others higher. So, be a great leader and humble yourself. Give credit where credit is due, and take the blame when things go South. Put your followers first, they’re the real MVPs. Give them the spotlight and watch them shine like diamonds. And remember to take pride in your service to them. Organizations everywhere are jumping on board with this approach – they’re finally realizing that lifting others up is the way to go (up)! So, join the party, put on your lifting gloves, and let’s dance to it Adnam Sami’s lift karado.

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