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How to become an inspirational leader?
How to become an inspirational leader?

How to become an inspirational leader?

So, Harvard Business School did a little snooping around and discovered that out of 50,000 leaders, the ones who could inspire were the big kahunas. It’s what separates the best leaders from all of the others, it’s what employees want most from their leaders, and it’s also what creates the highest levels of engagement. Inspirational leadership is like the magic sauce that sets apart the top dogs from the rest of the pack. Workers apparently go bananas over bosses who can bring out the inner BeyoncĂ© in them, and it’s a guaranteed way to get your team on board. Oh, and IBM also did a survey with 1,700 CEOs in 64 countries, and they too concluded that being an inspiring leader is a pretty big deal. So, let’s just say if you can’t motivate your team to get their work done, you might want to “Zee” yourself out of that leadership position. (Sorry, not sorry, Ze reference had to be made.)

Make your followers  dream and aspire

Antoine De Saint had the brilliant idea that if you want to build a ship, don’t just yell at your buddies to start gathering wood and assigning tasks. No, no, no. Instead, make them yearn for that salty sea breeze, the sound of waves crashing against the hull, the feeling of adventure that comes with exploring the vast and endless sea. Because let’s face it, nobody wants to build a ship just for the sake of building a ship. We want to build it because we can’t resist the allure of the sea. That’s what leadership is all about, my friends. Getting people excited to do something because they truly want it, not because you’re bribing them with a bag of chips or a free parking spot. So, let’s grab our hammers and nails, and start dreaming of the open sea!

Tell meaningful stories that connect to others souls

Leaders ain’t just there to make you work like an old mule, they’re here to make it all MEAN something! And what gives life meaning, you ask? Well, it’s the juicy STORIES, baby! Stories that unfold before our very eyes or that we get to be a part of! And when it comes to work, it’s the same darn thing. According to the wise words of Howard Gardner, who wrote the book ‘Leading Minds: An Anatomy Of Leadership’, “stories are the most powerful weapon in the leader’s literary arsenal.” So, if your boss can spin a yarn that’s so darn compelling, you’ll be hooked faster than a cat on catnip! Look, people aren’t just committed to plain old plans, they need a good ol’ cause! So, if your leader can paint a picture of a grand and wonderful history, you’ll be more motivated than a junkyard dog with a new bone! Now, go out there and be a part of something that’s worth telling the grandkids about!

Have an inspiring vision to chase

Picture this: Inspirational leaders are like wizards, but instead of spells, they conjure up grand visions! They have the power to create, communicate, and chase their dreams like a kid on a candy high. Their ability to dream big and make others believe in those dreams is what sets them apart from the rest. And let’s talk about their laser-focused vision – it’s like they have x-ray vision for success! With their goals crystal clear, they guide their team towards the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So, if you’re lucky enough to have one of these visionary leaders, hold on tight and get ready for a magical ride towards greatness!

Create the best work environment

Alright, let’s talk about leaders and their responsibility for the work environment. First off, leaders need to create an environment that’s more chill than a penguin in a snowstorm. People should feel so relaxed, they forget they’re actually at work. That’s when they can bring out their best self and make things happen. Plus, a great workplace shouldn’t just be somewhere to grind away and meet deadlines. It should be a place where people are motivated to give it their all, like they’re auditioning for an Academy Award-winning performance. That’s right, we want our employees to push themselves to the limit and achieve extraordinary things. They should be so pumped up (not so super pumped like that Uber guy) , they could probably lift a car with their bare hands (or at least a paper clip). And it’s not just about the individual. We want everyone to feel like they’re part of something bigger. Like they’re helping to achieve world domination, one spreadsheet at a time. So leaders, get to work and create that perfect environment. We’re counting on you.

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