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Lead with warmth and excel with competence.
Lead with warmth and excel with competence.

Lead with warmth and excel with competence.

Leadership is changed. The old way of doing things is as dead as disco and it’s time to embrace the new paradigm! Say goodbye to command and control and hello to warmth and competence! We’re talking about a new kind of leadership, people! One that says, “I lead with my heart AND my brain also!” 

Gone are the days of authoritarian leadership and we can thank the industrial era for that little gem. But let’s be real, it’s time to let that ship sail. Our world is different now and we need leaders who can adapt to change and work alongside their team. 

So, if you want to be a badass leader, you need to “Lead with Warmth, Excel with Competence”. It’s like the saying goes, “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” So, be sweet AND smart and you’ll be leading your team to greatness. 

But let me begin by telling you about the old model – yawn. It had more demerits than a used car with three wheels. I’m talking about the authoritarianism that gave leaders the power to boss people around without taking any responsibility or accountability – because who needs that, right? As long as they could point their finger at someone else whenever things went wrong, they were good. Plus, leaders could easily take value from others without adding any value back – like a sneaky thief in the night. All thanks to their fancy leadership title that secured the command and control model.

People had to follow their rules and orders, or else…(get shit canned), but as long as the carrot and stick were there for behavioural corrections, everything was a-okay. Hahaha, can you believe we used to live like this?! Took the pay and bitched behind the manger, ho ho.

So, it’s like, we’re still stuck in the medieval times where hierarchy rules and positional leaders are worshipped. But seriously, leaders who refuse to listen to the voices at the bottom are shooting themselves in the foot. It’s like saying, “Nah, I don’t need any of your genius ideas. My ego is good enough, thanks.” How ludicrous! 

Leaders who are too busy for their employees are passing up chances to have epic brainstorming sessions. And if you’re not willing to listen to your team’s diverse ideas and perspectives, then forget about innovation, my friend. You’ll end up with a bunch of drone-like employees who are disengaged and totally disinterested. Yawn. And don’t even get me started on mistrust and execution delays. Experimentation and failures? Oh no no no, those are punishable offenses in the medieval workplace.

Back in 1962, Douglas McGregor dropped a literary bomb called “The Human Side of Enterprise.” In this book, he basically called out two kinds of managers: the Dictator and the Softie. The Dictator, or as he called it, the Theory X manager, thinks their employees are absolutely useless and just want to loaf around all day. So, to make them actually work, the Theory X manager goes out of their way to make things as miserable as possible. On the other hand, the Softie, or the Theory Y manager, actually believes in their employees (what a concept!). They think that if they give them a little autonomy and trust, they’ll work their pants off for the company. Who knew being nice could actually work in management?

Listen up folks, these ain’t your mama’s organizations anymore! They ain’t just places where you clock in, do your thing, and then peace out. Nope, now we’re talking about financial planners, health and wellness centers, and even freakin’ caterers! That’s right, you can now get your financial sitch sorted AND enjoy a gourmet lunch all in one place. And let’s not forget about all the chances to meet new peeps and have a good time. We’re talking charities, daycare, learning centers, and even life advisors. Who needs a life coach when you can just hit up your boss for some real talk, am I right? All jokes aside, with work consuming so much of our time, it’s nice to have some of life’s essentials available right there at the office.

Therefore dear friends, my leaders of the pack! Looks like the old ways of bossing people around like a drill sergeant are dead and gone. Don’t fret though, a new day has dawned and it’s all about warmth and competence. That’s right, be warm to people, and be that capable one. Being warm and fuzzy will make you more likable than a box of puppies, while being competent will show everyone that you know your stuff. By exuding warmth, you’ll be able to connect with your followers like Wi-Fi at a hotel lobby, and by being competent, you’ll give them the confidence to trust your lead. Remember, you can’t lead the pack if you don’t first connect with them. First connect and then lead. So, go on and snuggle up to your team, and watch as your leadership skills reach new heights as warm as a cozy blanket on a chilly day!

Ye might be thinkin’ that bein’ competent is the most important thing in the world, but I tell ye, it’s not! The real key to success is bein’ approachable. And do ye know how ye show that ye be approachable? By bein’ warm and friendly! Think about it, if ye had a problem at work, would ye rather go to a manager who’s super smart but colder than a polar bear’s toenails, or one who’s a little less knowledgeable but as cozy as a cracklin’ fire on a winter’s eve? Ye guessed it, ye want the warm ‘n’ fuzzy boss! It’s all about empathy, bein’ a down-to-earth person, and havin’ an open door policy for anyone in need. So remember, if ye want to be a pirate of the high seas of success, be warm, mates! Argh!

Listen up, folks! Being a competent leader means you’re the Beyoncé of the leadership game. You’re not just average, you’re a skilled boss babe who can handle anything thrown your way. Competence gives you the power to curate your own squad and lead them to greatness. Plus, when you flaunt your knowledge of your industry like it’s nobody’s business, you become the ultimate boss-lady that everyone looks up to. Your followers will trust and respect you more than Kim K’s followers trust and respect her contouring skills. And let’s not forget how competent leaders can handle complex situations like a pro. You’ve got it all figured out while others scramble to find a solution. So, go ahead and embrace your inner Wonder Woman or the Superman,  because your competence is the key to ruling the leadership world!

If you want to dig deeper on this idea, my friend I have made a short course leadership con the subject, on a serious corporate tone, and don’t forget to hit it. If you dig my ideas, just check in on my profile too.

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